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Nuerosurgeon vs Orthopedic Surgeon

I have received many conflicting opinions of what type of surgery I should have.

1) I have a slight scoliosis of the spine.

2) MRI scan of the lumbar spine shows significant lumbar stenosis at L4-5 and some modertate lateral recssed
    stenosis at L5-S1 on the right side.

I have tried the series of shots years ago it work now it has not and have scatica pain down my right leg

one surgeon say operate and do a fusion another one says no fusion just clean the area around the nerve.

3)  I also have myofacial pain syndrome associated with cervical spine herniated nucleus at pulposus at C5, C6, C6/7

one surgeon says operate on neck another one says not to unless there is pain radiating down my arms which there is not.  

My doctor who is a DO at Georgetown said that since I have scoliosis that a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in scoliosis  should operate on me since they look at the entire spine function.

I am very confused and worry that if I operate and do the wrong thing it will make my back problems worse.  like scar tissue or create other back problems.

What type of surgeon should I use for my problems both ?

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Even in Canada, there seems to be a turf war between the orthopods and the the neuros as to who operates on the spine for these types of problems.

I would go for either of the two, but try to get one that has some experience and expertise in spinal surgery.
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I too did a lot of research on that question. The best answer I came up with is this: Orthos are best used for broken bones and sports-related injuries. Neuros are the best option for anything involving the spine and discs. I chose a neuro-surgeon to do my C5-6 disc removal and fusion.  Her also removed some of the stenosis impinging on my nerves. In my opinion, that would be your best option. BUT just my opinion. Make sure you choose a surgeon you are comfortable with and have confidence in, and if in doubt get a second or even 3rd opinion. Good luck.
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