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Pain in my right middle finger

For the past 2 weeks I've had pain/soreness in my right middle finger (dominant hand), which occurs usually when bending or flexing. The problem began distinctly when I woke up one morning with this unusual pain. It doesn't hurt when the finger is at rest, and none of the other fingers hurt at all, it's only the middle finger. The finger itself is not swollen or any different in appearance to the middle finger on my left hand. Sometimes it feels better, even when bending, but other times it feels worse and I start to notice it again. Particularly in the mornings it feels stiffer/tighter and sorer to bend. Sometimes I barely noticed it during the day, other times I do. Now this has been occurring for the past 2 weeks only, prior to that I had no issues but I did have a sore back and neck from work, which I still have.

Around 2 weeks ago when the problem began, I was moving some heavy things around because I was moving home. I may have lifted something too heavy or done something too strenuous, I do recall doing such things, but I don't know if that's the exact cause. Or I may have injured myself in my sleep?? I don't know what the cause is.

I went to a doctor and he checked the hand, said there was no "trigger", so not trigger finger, and that I should just wait and see. That was last week. But so far it doesn't seem to be any different. Feels like some muscle or tendon pain, but I really don't know.

Add to this the fact that my work relies a great deal on my hands. If I don't have full use of my hands, I can't work at all.

Please help, thanks
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I have permanent nerve damage in my right hand...numbness in (3) fingers , 1/2 my palm  and wrist with spasms and locks too...it was due to a bulging disc c5-c6 on my spinal cord...

This may not be the issue you have, could also be something else...May want to see an orthopedic doc and get that looked at...
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I have the exact same problem since 2months but it's in my left hand middle finger. Have you diagnosed the problem? Why is that happening? What was the outcome? Please advice.  
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