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Swelling, tenderness, constant pain, and small hump on the back of my lower neck.

For several years now I have been in constant pain. The back of my lower neck is always very tender and warm to the touch. I also have a small "buffalo's hump" which is always sore. I'm 19 years old and I have had bad posture in the past, but for the past few years, I have improved my posture with stretching. I've asked my primary physician, and she keeps telling me it's my posture, but after two years of working on it, I've seen no relief. I've even seen a chiropractor. but nothing helped. I'm only slightly overweight, nothing major, and I have a DD cup size, but I'm not sure if either of those could be factors. I've heard of a buffalo hump being related to Cushing's, but I'm not sure of all the symptoms and I don't want to jump to conclusions. I did find a picture of a buffalo hump on a Cushing's patient that resembled mine: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8Dln2xkR7y8/SEtY_A6y3xI/AAAAAAAAANU/oauxSwEiiMs/s400/04-15-07+buffalo+hump+1.jpg

I hope to hear from someone! I've tried everything and the pain won't go away, so anything at all would help!
Thanks to anyone who can help,
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Cushing's syndrome is a rather rare hormonal disorder that is caused by prolonged exposure of the body to high levels of the hormone cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands.  This is where the term "buffalo hump" comes from. It is a fatty hump between the shoulders.  If this were the case with you there would be alot of other signs and symptoms that would have alerted your physician to this condition.  I suspect he/she would have recognized it right away. They MAY include severe fatigue, weak muscles, increase BP, Diabetes, excessive hair growth,  mentrual irregularities, and the kind of classic "moon face".  Rememer cortisol is a hormone and excessive cortisol would effect you systemically.

If you are very worried about this go back to your MD or a different PCP and ask for some basic blood work to rule out anything serious, this can be done as part of a physical.  If there is nothing serious perhaps she could suggest some physical therapy to help with posture and strengthening your back muscles. Women with large breasts can often find themselves bent over with bad posture and causing sometimes severe back pain.  
I am not a doctor so you should follow up again with yours until you are satisfied with the answers you receive.  Blood work is very simple first step and at least ease your mind.
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Hi Jasmine,
Well, I am 61 years old, and have been to physical therapy twice. I have been in constant pain with my neck & shoulders for years. I also have that hump, or should I say had one. On my second visit to my physical therapist, I asked her about it, because no one else had been able to help me. She used an instrument (I don't know the name) on the hump, that was almost like a pen, but, very powerful (didn't hurt), and did a few clicks here & there (she said she wasn't going all the way to the spine with it?), and it's GONE! She said said it's bad posture, she gave me exercises to do, and I have 4 more visits with her.Go back to your doctor, and have her send you to a Physical Therapist. Tell the Physical Therapist what I said, I'm sure she'll know the instrument. I  keep feeling the back of my neck, because I can't believe it's GONE! I am really paying attention to my posture now.

Let me know what happens. You'll be amazed!!!

Jan Sanchez
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