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Vocal cord problems

I had an anterior cervical fusion c5-6,c6-7 on Mar. 19, 2008.  As of this date I stil have no voice.  Some have told me it can take up to six months for voice to return.  I saw my pain mgmt dr last week and he ordered a pulmonary function test today to check for airway obstruction.  He also wants me to see and ENT dr.  Should I be concerned or is this normal to have no voice (or very little) for this long?  Sometimes I feel as though I am having difficulty breathing especially after drinking cold water.
Thank  you in advance for any input you may give me.
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I had surgery on April 29th and had the C5/C6 disc removed and a man made synthetic disc inserted.  I had no problem with my voice.  Never lost it and it is normal to this date.  I hope you and the docs can figure out what is going on with you.  Keep me updated please.


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My neurosurgeon told me that as many as 60% of people lose their voice temporarily and it can take months to return.  There are a small number who don't get their voices back.  The likelihood statistically is that yours is likely to come back.  Hang in there and I wish you the best of luck.   I recently had anterior and posterior cervical surgery.
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I have problems with my voice and have for about 30 yrs.I got hit in the throat causing a bone that controls one side of my voice box. I don't know about that type of surgery, but if you were put to sleep they insert a tube down your airway and inflat a balloon to hold it in place. If it is not properly deflated before removing, it can also break those bones. That would give you air instead of sound. If you get choked when drinking or eating, problems with it going down the wind pipe, then that could very well be your problem. It took me 20 yrs to finally find a doctor that found the problem in less than 10 minutes. I get choked a lot. I went to a voice doctor. He used a computer screen and a tube to look at my voice box when I tried to speak. I have a cousin that had a tube in his throat for an extended period and was in ICU for a good while, they pulled out his tube and did not deflat the balloon causing him the same problem. Wish you the best.
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I lost my voice for 9 months after my second surgery (through the same scar, anterior), and it came back stronger than before. The vocal cord nerve was stretched, and it can come back from that. Don't panic yet. I did, and there was no point. Do go to an ENT and get speech therapy if you can. It seemed to help. Also, sing sometimes, it seemed to help excercise the voice as much as the speech therapy.
It's frustrating, though. People completely ignore you when you can't talk loudly enough, especially people in stores. Remember who messes with you, and then you can go back and yell at them later (lol).
-- Herding Cats
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I have had 8 neck surgeries through the front the last one 3 month ago took my voice also. They tell me it can take 9 to 12 months to heal if it does. I'm waiting also for it to come back. All my doctors say it will come back and be patient. Your not the only one.

Hope I help
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