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What IS this vibration?

My question is "what can this possibly be?"

I am a 45 year old female with a history of sciatica issues (extreme lower back, buttock, leg and foot pain)

I have recently begun experiencing a light "vibration sensation" (depending on which way I move) from my extreme lower back and around the anus. I know it is laughable, but the sensation is not unlike setting a beeper to vibrate and holding it against my extreme lower back, except the sensation is coming from within.

Past history also includes left thigh becoming numb when standing for great lengths of time. The thigh numbness is immediately relieved by sitting down.

Comments...PLEASE?? Thanks so much!
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I believe it is nerve issues and you do not see too many posts on here about that. I do  not have ot where you have it but I get it at the other spot. It is very uncomfortable. I posted about that before. It feels like my cell phone on vibrate. I told the guy doing my EMG about it because the doctors never give me answer on that one. He said it was a nerve. I find if I lay a certain way I can get it to stop but if I move it comes back. I do not have it all the time it just comes and goes. It is inside and a very irritating feeling. Sorry you have to have the same thing going on. It is about time I seen someone write about this. Thanks for sharing.
It is kundalini
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Thanks so much for your comments....while I hate that we both have such disconcerting sensations, it is good to know I am not alone and someone can at least "relate." I also occasionally have the sensation in the "other" place to which you referred. Ugh!
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All day yesterday I had a vibration/buzzing feeling in my lower back. I first noticed it while sitting in chuch and assuming I just happened to be sitting overtop of a machine running in the basement or something. But while home it continued and stayed with me all day no matter where I was. It even occurred lying down. This morning I don't notice it. So, I'm checking online this morning to see what it may have been. I did take up bike riding the past week and assume it is nerve damage I've caused while riding. I'm 57 and grossly out of shape so the sudden bike riding may have damaged something. Sure hope not but having a vibrating butt isn't anything I can easily tell anyone about. They'll think I'm nuts. :)
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Very weird, my wife and I have just been laughing about this one.  I have degenerative disc disease and this is the latest development in my condition.  It is not painful or very annoying, but it is quite funny and frightning at the same time as it terrifies me what will go wrong next.  Nerve issues in this area can be a little complicated and, dare I ay it, messy!  Let's hope it's all good vibrations!
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I had this start 4-5 days ago. Like you it doesnt hurt but it is rather annoying. It seems to have different "settings" too. Sometimes its a stronger buzzing and its happening every few minutes. Even when I lay down it doesnt go away. Did anyone else who posted have it stop? and how long if it did finally go away? I don't want to go pay for a Dr. visit if it is temporary.
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Did anyone ever get this diagnosed?  I have the EXACT same thing occurring.  It's annoying but doesn't hurt which is is odd.
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I had vibrations last year from my lower back all the way up my spine, saw chiropractor doctors etc (I live in the UK) had MRIs and Xrays. It turns out I had a bulging disc in my lower back, wear and tear on my mucles (im 22!) and degenerative disc disease, after seeing previous comments I have a feeling it may therefor be the latter.
Ended up in a lot of pain with the bulging disc and general back pain but I cannot confirm if this was related to the vibrations. Dr hardly took me seriously and nobody in the NHS could really explain what they thought it was / had never heard of it before.
Have started recently getting the vibrations again so am starting to panic knowing what may be coming after last time but plenty of people online (well there only seems to be a few with this problem) have vibrated for years with no pain so maybe its other things that caused my pain.

I tried explaining to drs it felt like a mobile phone strapped to my spine on vibrate but they still couldn't wrap their head around it and as at the time I wasn't in pain they weren't fussed.
I also get this vibration thing in my lower back and under the muscles of my butt cheek. Sorry to be graphic. MRI that I took 2 years ago showed quite a few bulging discs in lower back. Vibration acts up with back strain exercise or after walking in heels..awful!
Same thing here, des look at me like I'm crazy, I feel like I am going crazy, nothing helps and it moves around
So.. I have the same thing going on. It started in that one place, right at the tip. This is the second time that's happened actually. First time was maybe a year or two ago, it went away. Now it came back last week..
I did have a pinched nerve in my neck and have been to two chiros three total times since then. The neck is more or less sorted out  as far as pain goes, but today it started with the same vibrating sensation in the back of my neck. Weird stuff. I have to see a doc about a possible rotator cuff tear and I'll ask about it then.. and report back what he says..
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