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What can you tell me about an MRI that says, "L5 descending on nerve of S1"

I've had issues with my back since April. I've had steroid shot in the rear and prednisone treatment. When that didn't work, I had physical therapy; I added chiropractor. Dr finally agreed to do an MRI and the nurse stated it as "L5 descending on nerve root of S1" and said I should see a neurosurgeon.

*** Can anyone give me any information on what I should be researching/ doing/ anything?  I don't want to google-doc myself, but I feel as if I need some preparation before I see the doctor.

And you know that timing is important...… we leave tomorrow for a trip across country, by car, to catch a cruise ship (first cruise with friends).  Three days after we return, every one of our grandchildren and parents are flying/ driving in to visit for the 4th and I fly to babysit one of them in August during week of daycare closed/ school starting.  It's non refundable, but I'll cancel if I need to do so.  
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"L5 descending on nerve of S1" is talking about individual vertebrae in your spine. L5, meaning the 5th and bottom most lumbar (lower back) vertebrate is descending on the nerve of S1, meaning the first and top most sacral (tailbone) vertebrate, probably pinching that nerve and causing pain.
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