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What does this MRI mean?

Hospital posted my results, but pain clinic didn't follow through and now I have to wait a week.  Kind of freaking out here.  


Technique: Multiplanar multisequence MR data acquisition of the lumbar spine was performed without the use of IV contrast. Comparison: None available.
1. 5 lumbar type vertebra are assumed. Alignment is unremarkable.
2. A large lesion within the T11 vertebral body demonstrates increased signal on both T1 and T2 sequences, likely reflecting a large hemangioma. Similar but smaller lesions are seen most prominently at L1, L2, L4, and S2.
3. No evidence of fracture or subluxation. The conus medullaris terminates at the L1 level and is morphologically normal.
4. The prevertebral and paraspinal soft tissues are unremarkable.
5. L5/S1: No significant abnormality.
6. L4/5: There is loss of disc signal. No spinal canal or neural foraminal narrowing.
7. L3/4: No significant abnormality.
8. L2/3: No significant abnormality.
9. L1/2: No significant abnormality.
10. T12/L1: There is minimal disc bulge without spinal canal or neural foraminal narrowing.
a. Minimal lumbar spondylosis without neural foraminal or spinal canal narrowing.
b. Lesion within the T11 vertebral body likely reflects a large hemangioma given signal characteristics and presence of small hemangiomas at multiple additional levels.
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No need to freak out -- this is a very benign MRI report.

You have minimal spondylosis. This is an arthritic condition of the joints in the back. Minimal -- I wish my MRI said this.

The hemangioma is a benign epithelial cyst.

Everything else is normal.
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I agree with philinoir. May I ask what your symptoms are?
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