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Why does my back keep moving ?

For the last 4 months I have had terrible neck and upper back stifness/soreness. I have a doctors appointment set, but in the mean time I wondered if anyone can tell me WHY do I keep feeling like I am moving about ? I keep feeling like I am being shoved about from my back or neck, I can't work out where exactly the movment begins from, but it is felt from my neck to my lower back. It feel worse when sitting on certain chairs, but it can be felt at all times to some degree. My neck constantly feels so stiff too, also I have a soreness around my shoulder blade area. I am a big guy at 25 stone, so not sure if this is related. I am 29 years old.

Although the stiffness is annoying, it is the being shoved about feeling that is worse, as it even makes it hard to read as my head is moving slightly. It is almost like someone is prodding me every few seconds (so that I move slightly). It isn't felt so much when I sit in soft chairs, but computer type chairs and meal ones are the worse.

Any ideas what it could be ? Could it be posture ?
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Hi,sir,It seem dizziness which is due to your neck problem.
If your neck and shoulder suffer from soft tissue injury,it can lead to dizziness,headache,vision change,etc.
Take care!
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You could be right, I suffer visual changes too and headache. Is soft tissue injury something that can be cured ?
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Hi,deep and intensive acupuncture can help.
But Does it works for your neck? Dependent on where the inflammation is .  Acupuncture works well when the inflammation is outside of the cervical spinal column.  Acupuncture does not work when the inflammation is in the cervical spinal column itself.
If treat it early,soft tissue injury could be cured.
Good luck!
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