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cervical spine injury

In 2003 I hit my head on the roof of a vehicle and damage c3-c4 and c6-c7.  The c6-c7 caused great pain in my right neck, shoulder, arm and into the last 2 right fingers.  Saw a surgeon, but pain had went away, so no surgery suggested.  My symptoms now are lightheadedness, nausea, pain in the neck, stumble periodically, numbness ini left shoulder/chest into my left hand.  Noticing motor skills slightly diminishiing, constant headaches.  Best laying flat on my back or wearing a c-collar to work.  New MRI show degeneration in c3-c4 with narrowing of the anterior cerebral spinal fluid space, osteophytic complex and mild mass effect on the anterior surface of spinal cord on left side. c5-c6 severe narrowing of the left neural foramina and broad based ostoephytic complex.  c6-c7 large broad based posterior and right paracentral disk osteophytic complex, moderate to severe narrowing  of the anterior cerebrospinal fluid space and right lateral recess.  Moderate to severe narrowing of the bilateral neural foramina.  C7-T1 severe narrowing of right neural foramen and right lateral disc osteophytic complex causing mass effect on the spinal nerve roots.  Saw a surgeon and he says none of my symptoms are related to my neck.  There is obvious change from 2003 to now.  At wits end, any suggestions, besides a second opinion?
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Get a second opinion as soon as possible!  Your MRI findings show significant problems at multiple levels of your cervical spine.  Your spinal canal and spinal cord are also being affected and any further trauma or injury (ie falls) could result in permanent damage.

I don't know what type of surgeon you were seen by, but I would RUN from him as fast as possible ---  he obviously does not know what he is doing!!

Post with an update and let us know how you are progressing ---
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I have another appointment with another surgeon.  The first one I saw was "one of the best" in Northern California.  Thanks for the posts and I will kep you posted on what happens next.
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