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do you believe?

read my journal  on how my injury was caused back in the 1990"s...over the years i have used a obus form back support to support a buldged disk in my back,for the back its great, but i seem to be adjitating my anus and i can feel a lump develop down there from straining myself.i need medical evidence that there is a connection between my back problem and my staining of my anus.....which i Know are related...and my life hangs in the balance until i can prove this........?????????? PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Hi there!

A bulging disc is unlikely to cause anal straining or a lump around the region; which is more likely to be related to GI issues. It would be best to have this evaluated by a gastroenterologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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ok well 2 years ago i developed my first absess from straining,and i told my surgeon,it may be from staining myself...he was doughtful also,and instructed me to go back to work......stain myself again,and come back and prove to me...theres a connection.which i did and feb2012 had my second absess removed?from staining again....have you ever had to work with a bulged disk,are you unable to walk when a back attack occures...ive had to live with this 20 years and trust me,ive lived the pain,mentally,physically,emotionally&finacially.so quite honestly so if you aint lived it...you wont understand/im not asking you ....if theres a connection between parianal absesses and back problems////im telling you there is......i live it and wake up reminded each and everyday...mentally,physically and finacially.broke and beaten by the man,so Dr i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my ignorance,but the connection is there and i dont need a degree to prove it....i need others who suffer from this condition to ,step up to the plate...and post a comment...so people in my condition can get payed  from employers not protecting our health and human rights!....i will post the documentation once i have solid proof! thanks.
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