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is my screw misplaced after L5/S1 fusion?

Hi all,
If anyone could possibly help me that would be fantatic,i seem to be going round in circles.
Sept 2007 i had lumbar fusion L5/S1 due to DDD.
All fine post op for the first few weeks,decline started after hard physio.slowly but surely some symptoms,and more to the point lots of pain although different is now constant and even my meds are not taking the worst of it.
I have obtained my med records and the xray taken 1 day post op,with no report by the way seems to show the L5 right hand pedicle screw entering (poss not) the vertebrae and exiting into L4/L5 disc space,through the top of the vertebrae.this is the exact location that i am getting the pain.is this supposed to be like this?
I am worried about going back to my neurosurgeon in case he tells me that its fine because he did it.
Please help?
I had a radiologist take another xray last week and my doc asked if the screw was misplaced.he wouldnt comment,just said that the fusion had taken place,he wouldnt say it was misplaced,but wouldnt say it wasnt either.just cant get a straight answer anywhere.
Any advice would be so helpful,thankyou :(
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I would venture to say that sounds odd. I would consult another DR opinion to see if that is normal. If you are is so much pain so much later and it has fused, it seems a little odd to me. I had no pain by 6 months after my last fusion. which i am hoping to get to soon from this one. It may mean you need to have the hardware removed if it is the cause of all your current pain.
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Thankyou so much for your kind words,
I value any help at all at the moment.
Something has to be making this pain increasingly worse,as it wasnt like this straight after fusion for the first few weeks,i felt great.
The problem is getting someone to say that the screw is misplaced,they all seem to be covering for each other,the radiologist,even though he was asked specifically if there was a problem with the hardware,he said the fusion was a success and didnt mention the hardware,and when my doc called to query it,he wouldnt commit to saying it was,or wasnt,and said it was difficult to tell from xray,even though myself and all my family can see it going into healthy disc space,it starts to make you feel like you're going mad.:)
Im so pleased that you have had a continuing success with your story.all the best to you,thankyou for your kind words
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