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Does this MRI report suggests Cervical Instability (I have Ehlers-Danlos)?

OMG, I have so many symptoms (off and on for about two years). Right now, the worst are tinnitus, anxiety and neuropathic pain in both legs and feet. Just a lot of other stuff going on. I have been diagnosed with Orthostatic Intolerance/Hypotension and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with joint hypermobility. I'm asking for a 3D CT or upright MRI to look for cervical instability, because my symptoms certainly suggest it.  Thanks for any help!

FINDINGS: There has been a progression of some degenerative change since the older study.
There is mild reversal of the cervical lordosis at C3-4 not present previously. There is also a slight retrolisthesis of C3 not
present previously.
Now bordering the C3-4 disc are moderate Modic type 1 reactive marrow changes not seen previously potentially
symptomatic. Minimal Schmorl's nodes and degenerative endplate irregularity is seen from C3-4 through C6-7 levels
where there is moderate to severe disc space narrowing.
C2-C3: No disc or joint abnormality is seen.
C3-C4: There is a larger posterior disc osteophyte compared to the prior study with moderate compression of the thecal sac without direct cord contact. There is Luschka joint hypertrophy and spurring greater to the right which has increased since the prior study. There is severe right foraminal stenosis slightly less so on the left increased bilaterally since the prior exam. There is a mild degree of central stenosis.
C4-C5: There is disc bulging with spurring more so anteriorly. There is Luschka joint hypertrophy and foraminal spurring.There is again moderate left and mild right foraminal stenosis.
C5-C6: There is disc bulging with spurring again mostly anteriorly. There is mild Luschka joint foraminal spurring
bilaterally. There is again moderate foraminal stenosis also seen previously without central stenosis.
C6-C7: There is a posterior disc osteophyte compressing the thecal sac more so centrally unchanged however. There is moderate left greater than right Luschka joint hypertrophy and foraminal spurring. There is severe left and moderate to severe right foraminal stenosis with no more than mild central stenosis relatively unchanged.
C7-T1: No disc or joint abnormality is seen.
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Your report describes multiple findings, mostly degenerative, nothing really acute.

Of note, however, some of your levels demonstrate severe neural foraminal stenosis, which can compress spinal nerves as they leave the spinal canal through the foramen. You can search for dermatome images online, then see if the affected levels correspond to your neuropathic pain and/or tingling in your hands.

In terms of alignment, there is mild reversal of n0rmal cervical lordosis. Also, there is slight retrolisthesis of C3, which means C3 is minimally displaced backwards relative to C4 vertebral body. If clinically warranted, you can obtain radiographs of the cervical spine with dedicated flexion and extension views to evaluate for cervical instability.
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