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How do i stop the cartilage in my neck from getting stuck ?

sometimes when im laying down or i guess doing anything, the cartilage in my neck on the right hand side gets stuck behind the lower section of my neck. When i swallow it caused severe pain and i have to kind of grab the cartilage and wiggle it out until its free before i can swallow without pain.

I cant find anywhere that has discussed this issue. It only happens for a few minutes thank god because i have sort of learnt how to free the cartilage but i'm wondering what it is and how i can stop it from happening.

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Hi Chad.  So, this is probably a dumb question but have you talked to your doctor about this? It doesn't sound right that your cartilage moves, gets stuck and you can move it back.  Were you in a traumatic accident of some sort at any point inducing a neck or head injury?  Definitely talk to your doctor.  And I rarely recommend this because I'm not a huge believer but this does seem right up their alley . . .  what about a chiropractor?  Where exactly is this in your head/neck?
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It is at the front, and sometimes it moves and gets stuck so it can be extremely painful. I haven't had time to go to the doctor recently even though i probably should. I haven't had any major accidents i dont think ?
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