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I have severe left hip and groin pain after a fusion

Hey All.
I’ve been reading through many of these questions and responses.
Everyone seems to have a common thread. Spinal fusion of the lumbar region with post op hip pain, that wasn’t there before surgery.
Me, I had a microdiscectomy 7 years ago to correct sciatica pain. The surgery went fantastic and recovery was a breeze. (After the first two weeks of extreme pain) My surgeon was awesome. So, when I reinjured it last year, he recommended a fusion; when the pain got bad enough. (I had just started a job I loved)
So, fast forward to December 2019, the pain had finally gotten bad enough to have the surgery. But, with holidays and other crap, I couldn’t get a surgery spot until March.
March 9th I had a tri level fusion. L3-S1. I was my Drs last elective surgery before COVID-19 shut them down.
I am now 8 weeks post op and am still having excruciating pain in my left groin, and low back/deep hip pain, that’s worse when sitting and standing up. It feels like I’m sitting on my left testicle when I sit down. This happened immediately after the surgery(s). That pain got better then it flared up with a increase of the low back and deep hip pain that radiates across my groin and back from left to right.
My incisions were on my left side at my ribs, and at my wasteline above my groin. (Day one decompression surgery, with cages and genetic material in them)
Day two, in my back where they installed the hardware.
Now, the hip pain continues to get worse (more intense when it flares up) Pain Meds do nothing. I asked my surgeon at about week 5 and she asked if I had pain down my leg, like sciatica pain. I said no. She said we’d check it at my 7 week post op appt. (my first post op appt)
She had me get an X-ray before my post op appt. which I did. I also called my PCP about the groin pain, he had an ultrasound done and sent them to my surgeon. At my appt she said the ultrasound showed fluid build up that would absorb over time. Until then, it will continue to hurt.
Now I’m one week since my appt and it’s much worse. I was in tears today it hurt so bad. My dog wouldn’t leave me alone.
Check back on here from time to time. I WILL get to the bottom of this, good bad or ugly!!
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This is scary to me.  We have surgery to feel better and for some, they have a whole new set of problems or worse pain.  Sigh.  I have hip issues as mine are in the wrong position.  Congenital birth defect and it gave me the pigeon toe look.  Fine if that is just cosmetic but apparently over time, I may have more trouble with my hips.  Just recently I stepped in a hole in my yard and twisted my hip.  What is killing me ever since is my glute muscle on that side.  I get how at some point we are like 'enough with this pain".  Is this like a nerve pain or pain with the hardware that you are experiencing?  I'm trying to understand.  
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