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I was diagnosed with “12 degree levoscoliosis From T3 through T7. 37 degrees rotatory levoscoliosis from T10 through L2. Neutral coronal balance. Pelvic tilt with left iliac crest 15 mm higher than the right”.

This was 2 years ago. I am now 27 years old but I’m very scared of what this could mean for my future. I exercise regularly and currently do not have any back pain or discomfort, other than me mentally knowing I’m curved when I sit, etc...

Could anyone provide me with further explanation on what these findings mean? Is this bad? Do I need surgery/how far am I from needing it? Does this type of scoliosis worsen? How fast does it worsen?

As you can see, I’m fairly desperate so I appreciate your help a lot.
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I have this exact same curvature of the spine.  I also curve inward.  I am decades older than you and it has yet to cause an issue.  So, for many, they never have any problems.  Exercise is awesome and helps keep it all healthy and moving.  So, keep that up!  Remember that scoliosis is very common with almost 7 million people in the states having it to some degree. Normally with levoscoliosis, they wait and watch.  Sometimes it can cause problems over time (often it doesn't). I'm personally not a fan of invasive surgeries like spinal fusion but if you begin to have lots of issues, then that can be looked at.  This is where they straighten the spine to get rid of the curves. Do you have any discomfort at all?  https://www.healthline.com/health/levoscoliosis#treatment
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Thank you for answering. That’s the thing, I have no issue or pain at all, and I exercise a lot by going to the gym 4 times a week. Also, I avoid any exercise that bends/twists/loads the spine. Moreover, I do planks, hang from the pull-bar, etc to help just in case.
Honestly, I'd try not to worry.  It's not impacting your life.  And that's awesome!  Stay active, that will help!!  But overall, you may never develop an issue.  I'm no spring chicken and I don't have issues with my curvy spine.  My neck after whiplash 25 years ago?  Ya, that has issues.  But my spine is fine.  :>)  
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