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Lumbar MRI Results

I'm a 56 year old female, who injured my back transferring a patient. The Orthopedic Doctor has informed me that I didn't do it at my job, and based on the fact I am so old at age 56, that it is most likely Arthritis, and my results show NO Narrowing of the Spine ( he was basing his findings off of the original MRI of the injury of 08/2017), so I can't possibly have anything major wrong with me. I have ongoing lower back pain with extreme pressure all across my lower back, into my left buttock, down the backside of my left leg. At times my buttocks will go completely numb, I have numbness, tingling/burning sensation, and tenderness down both exterior legs below the knees, numbness and burning sensation on the top of my Right Big Toe, often have spasms along my spine. The pain and pressure has gotten so bad in my back it is hard to sit, bend or walk for any lengthy periods of time. Best relief can be had by lying flat in bed while on a heating bad. They haven't given me anything for the pain and I take a Combination of Tylenol and Motrin, it is the only thing that will take the edge off. These are my current 2nd MRI results from this past week:

L1-L2 No significant disc herniation, canal or neural foraminal narrowing

L2-L3 No significant disc herniation, canal or neural foraminal narrowing

L3-L4 Concentric disc bulge with no significant canal or neural foraminal narrowing. Mild Facet hypertrophy

L4-L5 Concentric disc bulge with moderate facet hypertrophy. No significant canal or neural foraminal narrowing detected

L5-S1 Concentric disc bulge with no significant canal narrowing. Moderate facet hypertrophy. Patent neural foramina

IMPRESSION: Chronic multilevel mild degenerative disc and mild-to-moderate facet disease. No significant canal or neural foraminal narrowing detected.

The Orthopedic Doctor had also given me Lumbar Facet Joint Injections one month prior to the actual MRI, and all it did is make the pain and pressure way worse. He got very upset with me, and advised me that it was impossible that it did not improve my condition. Well it hasn't, in fact it is getting worse by the day/week.

Any suggestions and/or help please.... thank you so much.
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If you have group insurance, I would call the customer service number or the nurse hotline number & explain the situation, that no one is believing you and the pain is unbearable. Possibly see a rheumatologist, they are very familiar with joint pain/numbness.
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I hate these doctors these days... They're only in it for the money! What happened to the caring Doctors??? I can't believe he said it didn't happen at your job! I would have told him off  and reported him. How dare he tell you that! Healthcare is NOT what it used to be.  I have been dealing with back pain for over 20 years now and everything I did for my back has done nothing but make me worse. I had 2 surgeries and several injections an they all made me worse. I regret the day I allowed them to cut me open... They put me out of work and destroyed my life!
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I don't think that period of "caring" doctors ever really existed.  Some do, some don't.  They are human beings just like you and me, not better and no worse.  The problem is they advertise allopathic medicine as a religion more than a very uncertain developing scientific endeavor with very few known facts so far.  If you had an allopathic doctor before the 20th century, they mostly killed their patients, and certainly tortured them.  They are much more knowledgeable and better now, but you are right, the money has gotten to be so good that most people become doctors now because  of that.  That wasn't true until the last few decades, when the owner of the local pizza parlor did better financially.  Anyone who pays attention knows that orthopedic surgeons do tons of unnecessary surgeries, and the ones they do that are necessary often don't work out well.  That's why most of them are quite conservative about cutting.  The opioid epidemic was fueled in great part by orthopedic surgeries gone bad.  It's great when it works, and not so great when it doesn't.  
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Is this orthopedist an orthopedic spine surgeon or a general orthopedist? When was this MRI done? If it’s more than 6 months ago, spine surgeons would disregard it and based on your symptoms , order a new one.
You are complaining of nerve related symptoms, yet the report findings say there is no nerve compression or spinal canal narrowing. Facet hypertrophy/thickening is typically arthritis related, and inflammation.  
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