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Please help with understanding Cervical spine MRI

I received my MRI report and it reads:
1. Cerebellar tonsils extend 8-9 mm inferior to the foramen magnum, compatible with Arnold-Chiari type-1 malformation. Consider elective correlation with brain MRI.
2. Mild cervical spondylosis, most prominent at C5-6 and C6-7. No significant central or neuroforaminal stenosis.
3. Straightening of the normal cervical lordosis

I am a 25 year old female and I have had numbness in my fingers and blinding pain in my neck, arm, shoulder and underneath armpit for the last few months.  Also with lots of headaches. Can anyone give me some insight??? I cannot see my doctor until next week and I am a little scared. Thanks for reading!
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I know u have many questions regarding ur MRI findings and kittluv1 was kind enuff to inform me of ur concerns.

First, ur straightening of ur lordosis...could be positional since u were lying down during the study.If u had a trauma sucha as an accident it could be the result of whip lash that with the right PT can be corrected to some degree if not completely.

Next ur Mild cervical spondylosis is often found as well as DDD in those with chiari.
Again, some PT may be suggested by ur dr or meds depending on ur symptoms.

Last the chiari itself is 8-9 mm....which is a decent size.However size is not the most important issue with chiari...CSF blockage  along with symptoms are the main 2 items to consider.
It is important that ur drs look to see if u have syringomyelia(syrinx) or tethered cord these r related conditions that could be responsible for some of ur symptoms.
Mild scoliosis is also another possibility as well as PTC(pusedotumor cerebri).

The most important thing for all those with chiari is to find a chiari specialist...NS's in general are not up on the lastest treatments ....most chiarians feel brushed off and let down by the medical proffession ....please know with knowledge u can find and get the proper treatments.

I also invite you to join the chiari forum.

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Welcome to the Back and Neck Community.  Members are here to provide assistance and support to individuals experiencing symptoms related to possible abnormal conditions of the cervical and/or lumbar spine/  Advice given is non-professional and is based primarily on personal experiences.  Please post on the Expert Forum if additional medical advice is needed and one of the medical doctors will assist as appropriate.

It is unfortunate that you received your MRI report without some explanation from your doctor regarding the results.  Medical terminology can be overwhelming and produce increased anxiety even in the absence of abnormal findings.

The Arnold-Chiari I malformation is a condition where the cerebellum (rear portion of the brain tissue) pushes through a large opening in the base of the skull into the spinal canal.  Type I is the most common of the main types of Chiari malformations and is considered to be congenital (existing at birth). Symptoms of these malformations don't usually occur until late childhood or early adulthood (ie age 25).
Primary symptoms can include neck pain with radiation down the shoulders,  headache, tingling in the extremities, dizziness and other neurological symptoms similar to your chief complaints.  The neck pain and headaches can sometimes be made worse with coughing and sneezing.
Treatment options vary based on the severity and/or progression of the symptoms.
Your doctor will be able to discuss options more completely when reviewing your films with you on your appointment date.
There is a forum on MedHelp that has been established for individuals with this type of malformation to give support and assistance to each other and help each other with symptom control.  Access this special site by going to the topics listed under "C" and click on Chiari malformation.  I am sure the Community Leader ("selma") and the community members can provide you the information you need.
Best wishes -----

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