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Weak back muscles

Sorry for my english in advance. I'll try my best.

Short bio: 23 years old, male, 90kg, 175cm tall, sitting lifestyle, visiting gym 2d/week.

Traumas in past: compression fracture of L4. No surgery. Successfully healed, restoration period of 4 months (in bed), then was doing physical therapy for a couple moths, but it seems i've missed something. No other major traumas and surgeries.

Life prior to the trauma: sporty, martial arts, healthy, no issues

Symptoms: really weak muscles in the middle of the back. More specifically, if you imagine a belt just below the nipples line, this will be the entire group of muscles that feels weak. They all kinda "numb" (from tiredness) after i remain vertical (or sit without hands AND back support) for about 10-15 minutes. Walking makes them tire faster.
They are getting so tired that i'm starting to sweat (as you sweat when you do hard physical work) with my entire body really quickly.
Living like that for roughly 5 years already. Still not restored. Really annoying. Any physical activity (literally anything BUT sitting or laying) is really really hard to me. Always sweat because of that.

Life now: a bit of excess weight (not overweight, i have quite some muscles), osteochondrosis, sitting lifestyle, sitting work, visiting gym 2 days a week (both days: ~30% of time anaerobic exercises, ~70% of time aerobic exercises), eating healthy (trying to exclude all fried food and fast food), trying to eat at least 2500 kcal a day with 100% protein/fat/carb, food is mostly protein rich, fats and carbs are mostly healthy (meat, grains, etc).

- What are these muscles (names if you could)?
- Why they don't restore by themselves due to overwhelming strain every day?
- How do i train these muscles?
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There are three layers of muscles in the back -- superficial, intermediate, and deep.

The superficial muscles in the area you are describing are trapesius, latissimus dorsi, and the rhombiods (majpr and minor).

Intermediate muscles are the serratus, which move the ribs up and down.

Deep muscles include a variety of actors. The anatomical musculature of the back is available via an internet search -- "anatomy of dorsal thoracic musculature" will probably get all you need. YouTube has video of cadaver dissection which is how doctors learn their anatomy if you are interested.

However, it is impossible for anyone here to know which muscles are bothering you, or even whether or not this is a muscular condition.

Please consult with a physical therapist, physiatrist, or chiropractor for help with this, specific exercises, etc.
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Thanks a lot for the information.
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