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Why do I get pain in the back of my neck when laying on my back?

Hi, I have a Chiari malformation  and degenerative disc with some arthritis in my neck. MRIs show good flow around herniation so doctors don’t believe it’s affecting me, however if I sit back on the couch or try to lay on my back when I sleep, I awaken with pain in the back of my neck and lower skull.  What do you believe the cause is?
Hal(57 year old female)neck pain laying flat
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I know, I agree with you! It's been 9 years of tests and lots of anxiety diagnosis (although I did suffer from anxiety for a while as well, understandably). Tired of feeling so alone dealing with these symptoms!!
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Ahh, hon. Sorry to hear you feel alone but yes, it can feel that way if no one seems to understand.  Do you treat your anxiety?  I'm asking because getting that under control often helps me in general.  Do no doctors want to help you?  Grr. That's so incredibly frustrating!
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Ugh. with Chiari malformation and degenerative disk they don't think your pain is associated?  I can see where you are coming from to suspect that it does regardless of what your doctor says.  What is their suggestion then for where it comes from? Irritation in the cervical neck and spine, would not be a stretch that it is related to your other issues.  
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