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pillow/cradle to relieve occipital neuralgia

I saw in a catalog a device to lay on, that put pressure on the occipital area, to treat and relieve occipital neuralgia pain. It wasn't a pillow to sleep on, it was similar to what a physical therapist does with finger pressure, to be used for a short time. Can anyone help me come up with a name for this "thingie" LOL. Of course, now I can't find the catalog to order it. I have been suffering from severe occipital pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and constant muscle spasms. I'm about at my wits end, and wanted to give this a try. I've googled every combination of words I can come up with. The closest I can get are traction devices, but it wasn't traction. Help! My pain is a 10 out of 10 for the past 2 weeks. I'm desperate!
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OMG! I have the same thing. Mine has come as a result from 2 failed neck fusions. I have this headache daily and if I do too much it sets it off BAD! Please let me know if you ever find what it is you are looking for. I could use the help as well.
Thank you for your post - I thought I was the only one with this stupid headache!!!!!
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I was interested in reading your post because I have been suffering from occipital neuralgia for more than a decade and have yet to find anything that has really helped. I did a little research and the link below comes closest to what I think you're talking about:


Is this the cradle thing you were referring to?

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