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please can somebody tell me what this report says in layman's term

History: Cervical spondylosis.
Technique: Turbo spin echo Tl and T2 sagittal and axial and T2 3D axial imaging.
There is an anterior cervical fusion with instrumentation and interbody prosthesis at the disc level C5-6.
There is no evidence of complications. There is no associated spinal stenosis.
There is no prevertebral soft tissue swelling.
There is signal loss with disc degeneration at the level C4-5 and C6-7.
The C 1-2 level is normal.
The disc level C2-3 is normal.
The disc level C3-4, there is mild posterior bulging of the disc with some out significant spinal stenosis. At the disc level C4-5, there is a broad-based posterior disc protrusion extending across spinal canal more pronounced centrally and to the right with impingement of the canal and right lateral recess extending into the right exit foramina. There is early neuro central joint hypertrophy.
At the disc level C6-7 there is a broad-based posterior disc protrusion extending across spinal canal into the lateral recesses and exit foramina with central spinal and foraminal stenosis bilaterally. There is early neuro central joint hypertrophy.
The disc level C7-T1 is normal.
The upper thoracic disc levels are normal.
The signal intensity of the cerebrospinal fluid is normal.
Spinal cord is normal.
The craniovertebral junction appears normal.
Previous anterior cervical fusion at the level C5-6. No signs of spinal stenosis.
Broad-based posterior disc protrusions at the levels C4-5 and C6-7 with secondary spinal and foraminal stenosis.
Approved: DR. TOBY DE BEER

Axial and sagittal TI and T2 weighted sequences
Coronal STIR sequence
30-year-old patient known with disc pathology, now presenting with neurological symptoms.
Normal lumbar lordosis.
Normal alignment of the lumbar vertebral bodies. No antero nor retrolisthesis.
Vertebrae are normal in configuration with homogenous marrow signal intensity. Lumbar vertebral discs are normally hydrated with normal intervertebral disc heights.
No disc herniations demonstrated.
No spinal nor neural foraminal stenosis.
Early facet joint arthrosis at the level of L4-L5 more prominent on the left than the right with associated early ligamentum flavum hypertrophy.
Early facet joint arthrosis at L5-S1, however less pronounced than at L4-L5.
Normal signal of the visualised cord. Conus medullaris terminates at the level of Ll.
Cauda equina appear normal.
Normal perivertebral tissues.
Bilateral sacroiliac joints appear normal.
Small left hip effusion demonstrated on coronal STIR sequences.
No lumbar spine disc pathology demonstrated. No neural foraminal nor spinal stenosis.
Early facet joint arthrosis at the levels of L4-L5 and L5-SI.
Small left hip effusion noted which is asymmetrical to the contralateral side

AP and lateral views and oblique views and open mouth views done.
Craniocervical junction not clearly demonstrated on open mouth view but appears normal on lateral view.
AP alignment normal.
Slight cervical kyphosis present.
No anterolisthesis or retro listhesis.
Disc implant and anterior screws at level C5-6.
Just a suspicion of narrowing of the disc space C4-5.
Other disc spaces normal but an acute or subacute disc prolapse can only be seen on MR examination.
No other bony abnormalities of clinical significance.
No prevertebral soft tissue swelling.
Craniocervical junction normal.
Intervertebral foramina not narrowed and alignment of paravertebral joints normal.
AP and lateral and oblique views done.
AP alignment normal.
Paravertebral joints normal and no spondylo lysis present.
Lateral alignment normal and no anterolisthesis or retro listhesis present.
No significant disc space narrowing or signs of chronic disc degeneration.
An acute or subacute disc prolapse can only be seen on MR examination.
No other bony abnormalities of clinical significance visible parts of sacrum and coccyx normal.

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