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work injury fall

MRI in neck shows straightening of lordosis that may be seen in ligamentous injury what does this mean
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This means they don't see any disc disease, which is the usual reason for a "straight neck" and may see inflammation in the soft tissue.

Those ligaments provide the framing for your spinal canal, just like the wooden beams in your house provides the stiffness that holds up your house.
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  Hi and welcome to MedHelp......

An injury to the muscles and or ligaments ...this could be whip lash, or some other injury to your neck muscles.....the muscles can twist and turn......and pull the natural curve in the cervical spine and can even reverse it....this can be quite painful......

If there is no other issues, they may suggest PT.....I had this as a result of whip lash that went unDX'd for many yrs..and PT helped me....
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