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spinal stonosis

my father have spinal stinosis
he is 65year
mri result sow L5\S1 10mm L4/L38mm
what should i do?
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I would suggest physio and epidural blocks initially.
If this is not working then there are several options.
If you are looking at no surgery options then I would suggest the X-stop or the newer percutaneous interspinouse devices. This can be done under local anesthesia.
If he is fit for surgery then another option is Keyhole microsurgery with microsurgical decompression of the spinal stenosis. The use of a interspinal spacer: DIAM or Corflex is often useful.

Dr Prem Pillay
Director of Spine Services
Neuro Spine and Pain Center

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not to sure what to tell you,I have spinal stenosis also ,and have been going to pain mangement and they gave me epidural shots and they seem to help for a while.You might try that.sorry I could not be of more help.God bless Rily
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