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Any Weight Loss Surgery in USA for $10,000? or Probono? BMI of 90, I'm Desperate!

I'm trying to find someone who can help me. I'm desperate. I'm 31 years old, male, BMI of 90, currently weigh 678 pounds. I have family willing to pay upto 10,000 but I do not have any insurance coverage.

I need surgery, I feel like my life is ending. Its getting harder and harder for me to go up and down the stairs, and leave the house. I don't want to be like this anymore, I'm at the point where I keep hoping for a miracle, but hope as much that I just have a heart attack now and get it over with, if I'm destined to die that way anyhow, why prolong my misery?

If there's anyone out there who can help me, I'd really appreciate it.
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You might check in states or areas that aren't as popular for the surgery ( not saying they are bad for surgery but not heavily populated) its usually less expensive. i also had a friend who had the lap band done and she didn't have health coverage either so she went through a finance company for medical. good luck and God bless!
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I was going to suggest the same things, you may be able to go to mexico and have it done. Or use the money to buy health insurance in your area that popularly covers these surgeries. I had a roux en y november of 01. i was 330lbs at my biggest and now i am 140lbs.
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I believe if you self pay, dr snyder of Denver bariatrics does lap band and I think the sleeve for about 9000- 10000. They're willing to help if you're willing to help yourself. Please contact him. I know you can stay with us patients in the Colorado  so you can save money.email me too for questions ***@****
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didn't know it blocked... Agent ******** @ g mailLot com....no spaces of course
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