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Financial help for weight loss surgery

I am thinking really hard on doing weight loss surgery. I would really benifit from it for several reasons. I am 32 years old and I am borderline diabitic and I have high blood pressure. It is all because of my weight. I keep trying to diet and all, but it's so hard! I also would love to have a child but my husband would like for me to be more in shape before that happens. The only thing holding me back at this point is money. My insurance does not cover any weight loss surgeries. Is there any financial help that would help cover most or some of the cost? I know for sure I qualify because my BMI is over 40. Health wise I need to get this done before any other health issues occur. Please help! I feel like this will be the thing that will save me!
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I investigated this for a friend. Texas has the most reasonable price clinics.
Look on Internet for your area for free weight loss seminars. We went to one and they know a lot about different ins company's.  you may just need a new ins plan. A seminar first would work good for you. All the best. Maxy
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Hi, I understand your conditions but going for surgery to lose weight is not a healthy option as it got many consequences. I would suggest that for now, you should stick to good diet plan to lose weight. Read this article where it talks about weight loss without dieting and surgery. I hope it will help you.
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Of course the most affordable weight loss surgery is no weight loss surgery and preventive measures that can help. Have you heard of the deoxyhaemoglobin vasodilator? it is medical grade C02 and is delivered transdermally on top of your skin in a five minutes spray! It immediately and measurable increases bloodflow and boosts your metabolism.


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