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Gastric Bypass Nightmare

My mother had the gastric bypass surgery about 3 years ago. The operation went horribly wrong and she almost died on the operation table. Fortunately she was able to make it through (barely) and faught for her life. She was in hospital for weeks until she was sent home. Even when she was sent home she was on bed rest with a feeding tube and cathater attatched. When they were finally removed, she'd have a nurse come to the house every day for a few months to change the bandages of the wounds the tubes left on her stomach. My mom developed a large hernia from the operation. Although she got what she wanted and lost over 200 pounds, she is now left looking pregnant with her hernia and is still in and out of hospitals to this day. There are days she cannot keep food down and gets sick. She is on very strong pain medication as perscribed by her doctor. Just before christmas, she went in the hospital again. She had lost 8 bags worth of blood through her bowels, and doctors say she was half an hour away from cardiac arrest. Now she is back home, but hasnt really left her bed in 3 days she is so ill. Ive watched my mom go through all of this, a once happy and optimistic woman now laying in bed hopeless and unhealthy. I'm only 18, I just want my mom to be healthy. If it wasnt for the gastric bypass surgery she would be perfect health minus obesity. Im scared she is going to die from this ultimately. Things always get worse at night, Things are worse then I am explaining, I just dont know all the technical terms and how to word it, but it's a living nightmare. She wants to get her hernia removed but is scared because her body cant handle surgery. She has an appt in february, but I am scared that is too far away. She's had to go by ambulance to the hospital atleast 5 or 6 times since her surgery 3 years ago.I feel like I should do something but I dont know what i can do..
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This sounds like a terrible and uncommon case - but not unheard of unfortunately
Email me @ ***@**** so that you and I can communicate directly about your mother
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As far as cost, it is my understanding that it costs around $25,000 (in Houston) without insurance coverage. There are a few insurance carriers that still cover it, but many have dropped it from their policy or offer it only as an optional coverage to businesses, many of whom do not accept it.
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