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Gastric sleeve with hyperthyroidism

Hi there,
I’m new to the forum, and hope someone can give me some information about gastric bypass surgery and hyperthyroidism.
I’m hyperthyroid, and believe or not, I have a significant weight problem. What I’ve been told increased metabolism (aren’t you suppose to lose weight, I didn’t get that lucky) increased appetite, increased weight gain. I went undiagnosed for months. I even had a thyroid storm, and was told I was stressed and detoxing off Ativan. Got a primary doctor, actually a nurse practitioner, who diagnosed first time I saw her. So I’m hyperthyroid, treated with antithyroid med. Graves‘ disease with goiter and nodules. Endocrinologist told me I should have my thyroid removed.After much reading, I’ve decided not to. Weight gain after thyroidectomy. This last summer I went on the Keto diet, losing maybe 10 pounds. In my research to find out why I wasn’t losing weight, I found out the thyroid medication I’m on causes weight gain and makes it difficult to lose it. I’m desperate to lose weight. I’m wondering if I would be a candidate for gastric sleeve?
Thank you.
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Wow, that is a lot to deal with. I HAVE HEARD GASTRIC HELPING with Diabetes but your thyroid issues sound complicated.

If you are hyperthyroid

I would look up a pharmacist Isabella Wentz, she had tons of resources on hyperthyroidism
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