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Re-banding question

I had a lap band done in  October of 2007.  18 months later, it slipped and had to be removed.  True to what doctors say, ALL my weight (plus some) has come back.  I have tried and tried to diet and exercise the weight back off and NOTHING is working.  So, I have decided to have WLS again.  I had a wonderful experience with losing weight with the band, I LOVED the band and what it did for me and would be more than happy to pay to have another one placed.  However, I keep being told that it will slip again and I should have the sleeve.  I am not against the sleeve but it does freak me out.  I have looked EVERYWHERE on the internet, youtube, talked to many bariatric doctors and can't get a clear answer on if this is true.  Does ANYONE here have ANY experience with this happening and what was the outcome?  I really need an answer as I am just about 8 weeks away from having surgery. Of course I am going to discuss this with my surgeon but really am curious if this is a danger of being re-banded.
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I am having my surgery tomorrow for the sleeve and I know people that have had and love it, just like anything surgery there can be complication and you still have to follow what they tell you to do, ie what you eat vitamins,  I have talked to many people that have had the band and had great experance but said if they had to do it all over again they would do the sleeve,  Hope that helps and good luck
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Thanks for answering my post.  I go to a seminar on the 8th and hope to learn enough to make my mind up.
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