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Stand still with weight loss

I had the Lap Band surgery in 2003. Lost the total of 90 lbs. Then in 2007 I became pregnant and regained all of my weight back during my pregnancy. After having my son I was diagnosed with pcos. Since having my son I have lost a total of 70 lbs and now can not lose anymore weight no matter how little I eat. I feel like I absolutely do not need another adjustment. I have been at this stand still for 6 months now. I am wondering can my pcos have anything to do with my weight loss difficulties. I am proud of the 70 lbs I have lost yet I still need to lose about 50 more lbs. Thank You so much.
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pcos may cause weight regain
try meridia or phentermine if you think you are eating the right sort of diet and yet need to curb your appetite
good luck
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I ran into the same problem - hit the plateau and wandered all over it for about 2 months.  I contacted my surgeon and he prescribed Phentermine and it has done the trick.  I lost 8 pounds in the first 6 days taking it.  If you have high blood pressure, any history of addiction, etc. your doctor may not rescribe it - and some doctors will not prescribe it at all.  Good luck!
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