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26years post gastric bypass issues.

In 1989,I was almost 300lbs & had a gastric bypass.For the past 2yrs.,I've had lab results with extremely low Vit. D,Vit. B12 & elevated liver enzymes. I have severe bloating & back pain after eating,severe joint pain as well as Osteoporosis. I have ALWAYS led a very busy,PHYSICALLY ACTIVE lifestyle...NEVER BEEN A LAZY PERSON!I'm so depressed & frustrated because of not being able to enjoy ANY of my outdoor hobbies,or play my guitar(stiff,sore fingers) & weight gain.Some days I wonder what's my purpose for even existing anymore...NOT TRYING to sound mellow-dramatic,just being honest. Has ANYONE OUT THERE endured these post surgical issues YEARS AFTER a gastric bypass?ANY DRS OUT THERE have any suggestions on what kind of Dr I should see to be PROPERLY EVALUATED & what kind of treatment I should expect?? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ALL REPLIES!!
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Hmm Low Vitamin D is very common to anyone who lives north of the Equator, particularly during fall and winter. It's even common among dark skinned people, because they absorb less Vitamin D from the sun exposure than lighter skinned people.

This whole 'skin cancer' hype has gotten people afraid. We used to spend all day in the sun from dawn til dusk, during warmer months. I would say you should definitely elevate your Vitamin D3 capsules to over 15,000 units per day. Sounds like a lot, but it's water soluble so you will urinate out quite a bit of that before absorbing.

I'm actually preparing to do the gastric sleeve myself at WELL over 300 pounds. I already have a lot of the symptoms you have post-bypass. How old were you when you had the bypass? Remember, some of this stuff is part of the reality of aging.
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My iron and D was very low. I work at night and now i take iron pills. Lot of dental probs i had gastric 2001.lost 300 pounds .no regrets

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