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Hey ! I am 25 years old and I think I am going through a very difficult situation in my life. Whenever I have strong emotions,  whether it is sadness, frustration, loneliness or even happiness, I prefer to have my favorite food. And now I am getting overweight, but I can't keep myself away from food. My friends and family started noticing this and suggested me to undergo lap band surgery procedure from a clinic in Barrie.  I have heard that in this surgery, they places a band around the stomach which makes the stomach small to eat less. But I really love food and I am nervous that if I cannot eat the food I like. Please share your experience if anyone of you have done this surgery before?
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Hey karradcarr..
I sympathize with you.
You're young and have your entire life ahead of you.
Don't consider the lap band, as you have not addressed the real problem at all, yet!
Somewhere, deep in your sub-conscious mind, you have
classified that your lack of love, partner, fulfillment, etc.
can be safely substituted/exchanged by food.
Perhaps, it was a single event in the past, or a repeated situation which has carried through to the present,
responsible for this love of food and overeating.
It occupies the same satisfaction center in the brain for you.
The only way to deal with this effectively is with therapy, which will help you reach that deep level  & hopefully clear this imbalance & change the "rules" permanently!
A reputable therapist though talk therapy, hypnotherapy or even with emotional freedom technique (EFT) therapy, might be able to help you with this, before you you resort to the lap band..
Best wishes,
from sunny Mexico
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