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I cut the side of my finger and The skin is off

Okay So I was cutting lettuce at work yesterday, These are very sharp knife and there very big! I never cut myself in my life before I am very experienced with knifes.. But anyways, When I cut it I felt The skin Come off, And It was still attached, I left it on , I applied Direct Pressure And I had someone help Bandaging it up, I almost fainted there was to much blood! But anyways, After work I thought I should put bandage Because this one was too tight. Took forever to take off, Because it was stuck on the wound. I finally took it off and The skin was still on, and now where the skin that was cut is still on there, I was debating if I should just ripe it off, But I decide to leave it on.
The next day I woke up and The skin part Is purple.. I think Its a blood blister on the dead skin that's somehow still attached to my finger
You can see in the photo The line where it was cut off But the skin is covering and is shifted and covering my nail a bit
What should I do?
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Let it wait a while.  The skin will die, and after it is totally dead it will either come off by itself or you can clip it off.  Wrap the finger in Bandaids while you wait for this to happen.
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Keep it clean and apply topical antibiotic. I wouldn't recommend that you move/remove the dead skin covering the cut, just let it fall off by itself.
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