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Am i

Do you have mood sings when your bipolar
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Usually you get manic for a while, then really depressed.  Its really extreme ups and downs.  
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If you are wondering if you're Bipolar purely based on mood swings, I'd say it's probably Unipolar or some other form of depression. However, it really depends on what you mean by "mood swings" that could mean so many different sorts of emotions that you "swing" from, which makes it difficult to pin point Bipolar purely on that.


Bipolar is characterised by mood swings, but from Hypomania to mild/moderate depression (Type 2 Bipolar) or swinging from severe mania to severe depression (Type 1 Bipolar).

Mania is a state of uplifted mood, where the individual may seem extremely restless, talk insensibly fast and about loosely connected subjects. They may also start attempting to do several things at the same time (which they do quite poorly). They may also become grandiose and almost arrogant...

I'm afraid you'll have to specify a bit more haha!


- John -
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Yes bipolar disorder can have mood swings but there's a lot more to it than that.
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