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Any possibilities other than bipolar disorder?

At age 12 i was diagnosed with an Unspecified mood disorder (from kaiser) and bipolar disorder (from a child and family therapist) the general consensus between multiple doctors i saw as a child is that i do have bipolar disorder (my symptoms included Manic episodes, Trouble sleeping, Periods of depression, and agressive behavior).  At age 13 i started taking medication for it (Lithium Carbonate, Abilify, Lamictal, Welbutrin) the medications i took varied and were often in different combinations with the only constant being Abilify. At age 16 i stopped taking all medications at the same time and so far have been off of all of the medications for two years (age 18 now). I have experienced virtually no change in behavior other than slight depression and have not had a manic or depressive episode since, i have also not experienced major mood swings. I have however experienced extreme anxiety in social situations and have spent the majority of the last two years indoors avoiding most social contact, I also have an extremely difficult time keeping a regular sleep schedule. while on the medications these symptoms were not present.
The reason that i am considering that it might be something other than bipolar disorder is that during the period where my symptoms were most observed (10-13) my parents were going through a hellish divorce with violent fights and i witnessed the majority of the fights. As a child that was both traumatizing and extremely stressful at the time and could have contributed to the severity of my symptoms. Is it possible that i may have been misdiagnosed and if so can you think of any other disorders that include my current symptoms?
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It's possible you were improperly diagnosed.  It does happen as psychiatric diagnoses can only be based on reported symptoms rather than actual tests.

However, as the above poster said, it is possible for it to lie dormant.  Mine was fairly dormant for 5 or so years (off meds, bipolar type I), but I've had it come back with a vengeance the past several months.  It can and does happen.

Be sure that even though you feel fine now, you do everything you were doing before to help regulate things: avoid caffeine, keep your sleep schedule consistent and get enough sleep, track your moods/symptoms, etc.  

Get help at the slightest sign of a symptom--not necessarily meds but at least therapy.  I really wish I had at the beginning of this whole cycle as I might not be where I am now if I had, but I'd abandoned symptom tracking and became somewhat careless, allowed myself to get into an extremely stressful life situation (full time job, part time job, and full time school) and there she went.
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also depending on the type of bipolar symptoms can lie somewhat dormant. you may have mild issues in between. just stay aware of your moods...hopefully you'll be fine un-medicated :)
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Misdiagnoses are not uncommon.

None of us to my knowledge are psychiatrists but it can be dangerous to self-diagnose. Only a competent psychiatrist can provide you with well-informed opinions having taken into consideration all the necessary aspects in your history.

I hope you find relief fast.
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