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Anyone using Topomax?

I'm maxed out on Lithium and Cymbalta.  Also taking Lamictal - Trazadone, seroquel or valium as needed.  During a recent extended hypo-manic state the doc asked me to try topomax.  i've tried an array of other medications that I've not been able to tolerate.

I have friends using the med for migraine control and have had kidney stones which they beieve is a result of the medication.  My understanding is that there is only a 3% - 5% greater change of stones with the drugs.

Since the tratment of BP is a secondary benefit to this drug, I wonder how effective it really is.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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I'm also on several of the medications that you are currently taking. I take Topamax at night when I go to sleep and my neurologist prescribed it for my migraines, but what most people don't know is that it also acts as antidepressant also. It's just not approved by FDA as antidepressant. I've taken it for several years, I don't experience migraines as much as I use to but I do believe that it helps. I feel like it works very well with the rest of my medications and have never experienced a kidney stone. My suggestion is to google what can cause kidney stones. My dad was getting them because he was drinking cokes every day. Hope this helps.
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Thanks.  Truly appreciate the feedback.
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