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Back into mania?

So for the last few weeks I've been trying to quit weed so I can get back onto real bipolar medication again. I had stopped smoking for 4 days straight though I began to have trouble sleeping (slight insomnia, racing thoughts which lead to anxiety). I had a bad anxiety attack on the 4th morning so I started smoking again. Although the above symptoms don't necessarily go away 'cause they return the next time I attempt to sleep and/or wake up throughout the night. I've also been having loss of appetite.

I spoke to a regular doctor today & told her all that I've been going through. She informed me these were signs of mania. I found this ironic and strangely eery because earlier this year I had my first, really bad psychotic mania episode soon after quitting weed. She informed me that quitting weed was probably helping to bring on the mania.

I'll be setting up an appointment with my old psychiatrist soon. I hadn't set one up with them sooner 'cause it was through the county. They claimed my case was closed but never informed me I could go in for assessment to open a new case. I really hope all goes well.
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mania is associated with large appetite to food and not loss of appetite
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Since you are bipolar. Quiting something can start up a MAJOR withdraw attack. People will get this confused with Mania, but it is just a withdraw but 10 times worse since you do have this disorder. You have to start taking your meds and quit the weed. Fight through the withdraw symptoms. Go to a focus group or counsiling. Because every time you start and then stop weed this is happening, you need to completely stop. Fight!
Good luck!
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I wish you the best of luck. Any change in your environment can be tough with bipolar disorder. The brain with bipolar disoder simple doesn't adjust to change very well. But you can do it! I've done it before, and I have bipolar 1. I'll be cheering you on. :)


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