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Bipolar and Music

Always wondered if BP sufferers tended to be be ''into'' any genres more than others because of the associations with creativity and stuff.

I find im very restrictive i'll listen to all kinds of metal and punk variants and sub-groups but absolute detest RnB and dance music and the **** you hear in most clubs
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For me, its: alternative, folk, and rock. When I am depressed, the music I listen to tends to be depressing. When I am hypomanic, I listen to music that is completely uncharacteristic of me - pop/R&B.
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Because i ran out of boxes :-P
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Then couldn't you have left out country for pete's sake?
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  Wait, I just checked - you did leave out country! How dare you, sir?
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Have to lump them in as "Other", lol
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Well mine is wildly divergent. In a depressive state I might listen to goth music, in an angry state I might listen to punk rock and when things are overall going well classic rock but I have a strong preference for jazz. My grandfather in the older generation played in the big bands in 40's but I like more modern jazz of a variety of kinds. If I have to say who my favorite musician is it would be Miles Davis. I honestly can't think of an album that is more relaxing than "Kind of Blue".
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