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Bipolar or just normal?

Hi, I'm a teen girl who's been using this mood tracker and I have done some research on bipolar disorder. I go times when I have a low week, or even month, or it can even be days, and then a high time, that lasts the same time amount. I have almost all the listed symptoms and I am now extremely worried. On my highs, I feel that there is no possible way I could have this disorder, and on my low time I am almost convinced I have it. I want to know, is it possible that I have bipolar disorder? I haven't talked to anyone about it yet, and should I? I'm just scared.
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  The important thing is to keep track of it and then discuss it whats happening with aI psychiatrist. They can then make determinations and decisions about what may or may not be happening. There are many types of bipolar and of course how they present themselves differ from person to person. In addition all people have everyday concerns that effect what is happening in their lives. Even if a person has bipolar thats not all their life is about. That's why its worth speaking with a talk therapist as well. Once they see whats happening they can explain to you what their concerns are and if treatment is needed why. The important thing to remember is that they will be able to help you and the information you gave them will make that easier for them.
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It is good you are doing a mood tracker. Keep doing that.

If you are concerned you should talk to your parent's and see if you can get in to see a psychiatrist. They will ask a boat load of questions and determine if something is going on. There are a lot of things that can affect mood so keep an open mind to the fact that it may or may not be bipolar. And bring your mood chart.

Good luck. And if it is bipolar you'll be okay. Make sure you buy some books and read up on it. Things like the Bipolar Survival Guide. Things get easier with treatment and learning how to manage your illness in regards to stress and things like that.

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