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Charlie Sheen is bi-winning?

I was having a discussion about bipolar disorder with some friends and Charlie Sheen's name came up.  I looked at his interviews online and don't see how he can be classified as someone with "bipolar disorder". What do you all think?
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I think he's clearly showing some signs... In fact, I don't see one sign on this list that he's *not* showing. (he's talked about his lack of sleep in interviews)

A long period of feeling "high," or an overly happy or outgoing mood
Extremely irritable mood, agitation, feeling "jumpy" or "wired."
Talking very fast, jumping from one idea to another, having racing thoughts
Being easily distracted
Increasing goal-directed activities, such as taking on new projects
Being restless
Sleeping little
Having an unrealistic belief in one's abilities
Behaving impulsively and taking part in a lot of pleasurable,
high-risk behaviors, such as spending sprees, impulsive sex, and impulsive business investments
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Oh Charlie Sheen has got to be manic at the present moment. He calls himself a warlock, and that he has tiger blood....He needs help, but he doesn't think there is anything wrong with him...
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Oh yeah, Charlie Sheen is most-definitely going through a full-blown manic episode right now. I would assume that his bipolar, however, was brought upon by long-term, excessive drug use. He's completely lost touch with reality - a common symptom of a manic episode (Bipolar I Disorder), as well as drug abuse.
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Full-Blown...!  I can't stop watching and so curious about how his episode will end. In my town I would have been picked up by the police or sheriff's deputys long before I was wielding a machete.  In Illinois we have a version of "danger to self or others" and I'm usually determined to be "commmittable"  despite never expressing suicidal or homocidal desires.  
Used to make me very mad when it happened, but now I'm grateful I've been taken off the  streets before I've gone farther and farther into psychosis as Sheen seems to be experiencing.
I can rememer many of my delusions after it's over, but this is one of the few times I've seen how awful someone looks and sounds when it's been going on so long without treatment.
I am on meds and working and thankfully my last full-blown episode was 5 1/2 yrs ago.
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Charlie is a good reminder to us all to stay on top of this :P

My pdoc was actually talking to me about Cali involuntary committing laws at my last appt (long story, but she worked there immediately following her residency). She said it's near impossible, that it varies state to state and Cali is one of the hardest to make people get help.

The machete thing - how the heck is he getting away with threatening people and carrying around a freaking sword?

It's sick how no one is stepping in around him, they're all just cash-grabbing. (As well as the whole Heidi Fleiss thing from forever ago, when Charlie was caught and refused a plea deal to give up his famous Hollywood friends - I'm sure they 'owe' him now).

Example of how one manic episode can change your entire life. He won't ever fully recover from the aftermaths of this.
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I have never thought him to be BP.....I have thought that perhaps Borderline... and now I am thinking ............Narcissistic. to the 10th degree...............Talking about someone needing an intervention..................I hate it for him. He is totally disconnected from reality.
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Isn't he doing cocaine or something?  I'm not on top of everything when it comes to drugs and such and I haven't followed the Charlie Sheen saga because to put it bluntly I don't care about him, but do you think maybe it could be the drugs making him do all this stuff?
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i wish someone would just help him its clear he is having a manic episode if it was me i
would have been took to hospital lets hope he gets the help he needs for the sake of himself and his kids
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He is definitely in a manic phase, he keeps on denying that their is nothing wrong with him when he clearly isn't on a stable level. He also stated that he is never depressed but i think deep down he knows he can get to that level so that is what the drugs/alcohol mask, self-help as it is but is clearly making thing worse. He needs to be sectioned and treated for whatever the underlying problem is rather than let the mania spiral to higher levels which will ruin his life forever. He shouldn't be aloud to go around the way he is, Mania is dangerous as we all know!
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It would seem as though he's out of his face on drugs but when you look deeper into his expressions and behaviours you can see he's in the throes of a manic episode. I've been keeping track of Charlie Sheen because, basically his words though a little hard to swallow for most, ring true to me and I'm genuinely interested to see what he's got in store for us next.

But yeah, someone should consider help for him before he crashes and possibly hurts himself or someone else. I'd like to say "go for it keep winning!" but the horrible truth is when he comes off this wonderful high he's gonna need that help and treatment he refuses to believe he needs
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