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Diagnosis or not???

I found out I had Bipolar in 2003 after my daughter came along with me to see a psychiatrist and explained to him about a film she had seen about a lady with bipolar and stated that this lady was exactly the same as me. I am 45yrs old and have suffered depression since I can remember but my mother told me she had a little help with me when I was about 6yrs old where I was taken out at weekends by a welfare officer, I don't remeber this. Anyway, I was informed by my GP in 2003 I had got bipolar and whilst I there I noticed on screen it also stated Borderline Personaltiy Disorder, I had no idea of this.

My son has ADHD, ODD, PTSD, learning difficulties etc etc and have spent 7yrs trying to access help and support for him. In 2008 I was informed by social services that if I didn't let socuial workers speak to my son ALL support would stop, which it did but also my help which I had had for about 10yrs which included, pyschiatrist, psychologist and a CPN who visited me fortnightly for 3yrs, this all stopped. When I re-refered myself I was asked who had diagnosed me with bipolar as they could not find any record of this. I take Seroxit and stableizers and in the past have had depokote 1,000mg daily,

My question is do I have bipolar and these other things I have?

Thank you
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First, I'm sorry to hear about your son, raising a child alone is difficult, but with those issues, extremely difficult.

There's no way that we can tell if you have BP or not. You need to be seen and be screened if you are concerned, a second opinion is always helpful.  I was diagnosed at 16, but I refused to believe it, 24 yrs later I got diagnosed again. I wished I had listened to them when I was 16, my life has been such a rollercoaster for the at least the last 20yrs. If this current psychiatrist says you are BP though, I would honestly believe him or her.

I would also suggest, for your son's sake, to tow the line when it comes to help. The later he gets treatment, the more difficult it will be. My brother has a severe case of ADHD, and even with odd assistance from his school, he did all the bad things ADHD kids do growing up. He's pretty much a dead beat person. He hasn't been able to hold a job for 5+yrs and lives with my parents. You don't want your child going down the wrong path right?

I hope everything works out.Good luck!
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Thank you for your advice and listening to me, it is very rare that people do this.
I noticed my spon was different when he was about 2yrs and when at 2 and a half/3yrs old he was expelled from his creche I was mortified. I looked into many things whilst trying to get help for him and ADHD always came up, so my research started. Since then - 7yrs later, my son is worse and has no help whatso ever.
I have tried to explain to these 'proffessionals' that I do not want to visit my son in prison or in the morgue because they chose not to help him,. I have ben blamed for the way my son is due to having bipolar???? only until recently when the social worker was told that ADHD is a mental problem have people stopped blaming me, but he still is not accessing the help he so needs.
Nxt yr he will be 10yrs and that is when the law come into things and they dont believe ion ADHD so wot chance does he have.
He is in his special needs school having been thrown out of his mainsytream school, there is a meeting on the 1st May to see if his place is ok in this school, if not they have told me there is no other school in the county which will have hjim, I'm sure they think if they can't see him then he doesn't exsist.
The brain is so complex but then social workers are even more complex, how they can watch my son deteriote in front of them and do nothing is beyond me.
Thank you once again
Take care
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