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Don't Trust ADHD Diagnosis

I'm the mother of a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed at age 5 as having ADHD.  Multiple and constantly shifting variations of pharmacotherapy.  Very limited success with psychotherapy.  He is occasionally violent.  He does well academically in school but fails socially.  I am his only friend.  I am the only outlet of his frustrations.  He lost 15% of his bodyweight over the summer and is now 68 pounds.

I am questioning whether this is ADHD or something more serious.  Really, I feel like his combination of his symptoms doesn't have a name that can be summarized in an acronym. I feel like his doctors are forcing his pathology into a diagnosis that they understand and can treat according to some predetermined format. It's not working.

I am looking for some kind of residential facility that could observe him over a period of time and offer recommendations that would actually serve my boy rather than some protocol that serves some majority.  I have resources, and I'm just not getting any guidance that's worthwhile.

Does anybody know of such a place that they can recommend?

Thank you.
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  It is difficult to say as some of the concerns you described
could be more seriouas that adhd. However a psychi
585414 tn?1288941302
  It is difficult to say as some of the concerns you described
could be more serious that adhd. However only a psychiatrist
could understand the clinical specifics. If the psychiatrists
who have been following up on him haven't been of help
then it would be worthwhile to seek a second opinion
from a child psychiatrist with specific knowledge in this field
In addition to medication
adhd can be helped by talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.
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