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Feeling crowded

I have BP1 and am currently experiencing a mixed episode, a depression with manic features. My brain literally feels crowded. From ideas, to do lists, realizations, questions, etc. I want to avoid people because they only bring more things to crowd up my brain and then I get irritable. I need life to be simple right now. Does this sound familiar? My environment is similar. Normally wouldn't bother me, but I have this sensation that I'd feel better if I throw out at least 2/3 of my belongings. And how do you explain to people that you need to not interact much until you feel better? I don't want to have a tantrum in front of people, I am on the verge every second. Even my body seems to be taking up more space than feels comfortable. Maybe that is what they mean by 'expansive' ha ha.
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Yes , i know exactly how you feel , when i'm like that ,alone time or not much  interaction  with people is key for me , i'm like a candle burning at both ends and can lose it bigtime very quickly so i isolate when i'm in a mixed state so i don't upset anyone , but i've found taking the dog for a walk is good for calming the nerve's .
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I get like that also.  I stay to myself because I will get nervous to be around people.  I do like the above post, take my dog for a walk so I don't have to interact but still get out.  Then I slowly start making my way around people by gradually going places that are familiar and then work my way up.  I hope you get to feeling better.
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It is interesting that you should mention that. I used walk my dogs twice a day every day by myself when I lived in an apartment alone. Now I share a house with my mom and we walk our dogs together. Walking together doesn't have the same benefits as walking alone, I find. We only walk once a day now because there is a yard for the dogs. I should take my dog for a walk every day alone on the evening so I can get the benefits that just don't seem to happen when I'm walking the dogs with someone else.
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I always find getting outside helps  to get grounded... I choose to be alone or with a friend who won't talk.... I try to concentrate on my breath... the breathing in and out slowly and with clear intent.... I don't watch TV or listen to music because when I turn it off it ia still playing in my head for hours......I stay off the phone because I feel trapped. I do have some meds as needed that help......I will sometimes write a check list to make sure everything is getting done in a timely matter..... eating is always an issue when I am cycling. So I always add more juicing to my diet....A normal sleep schedule is the worse.... it isn't normal during good times so I don't stress tooo much over that.....I do the herbal sleepy kind of teas ~. What I know is that this to shall change lol. Just be patient and gentle with yourself.......
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SELF LOVE !  the only answer, give yourself what you need, good luck
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Nothing wrong having alone time.
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