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General questions - have BP2


This forum and feedback from it has been very helpful to me.  I wanted to post some general questions here just to get feedback from anyone who may want to weigh in:

1) Started meds about 8-9 months ago (cymbalta, trazadone, lamical, ambien), but after a serious episode this week of a very extreme high - including memory lost - and then a serious crash (crumbled in a corner)...I swear that my hypomain and depression episodes seem to me more often and more extreme.  Has anyone else had this experience?  is it the meds? or could it be that I'm just tracking more closely and notice the patterns?

2) Trying to figure out if maybe the Cymbalta isn't working, or if I need to increase the Lamictal.  I'm maxed out on dosage of Cymbalta but still have a little room to increase the lamictal.  Had a really rough time coming on the cymbalta and have resisted trying to go to something else.  Thoughts?

3) finally just a theoritical question.  People keep telling that you control your mind, your mind doesn't control you.  Any thoughts on that?  I have my own...but maybe I'm in the minority.

Thanks all!
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Get the Lamictal increased.  I take 200mg and it helps.  The difference between me at 100mg and 200mg is vastly different.  You need to talk to your doc though.  

The mind over matter thing I haven't been able to conquer.  The meds help me thorugh it - but I can't seem to get the "owning the disorder" thing down yet.  Don't know if I will ever get it down.  

It scares me that I am on Lamictal and it's helping, but what if it stops.  I am terrified of going backward in my treatment, so I know how you feel.  I want off the ride, too.  

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