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I think i might have bipolar disorder but people are not taking me seariously

I told my mom  that i was depressed for around 4 weeks i could sleep for 10 hours and still feel tired, i also lost my apetite and had thoughts about suidice almost every day (I didn't tell her that). I lost my interest in everything, didn't have energy to do daily tasks and I had troubles with studying. And I dind't have a reason for this because i was doing okay in life. Then I felt okay for two weeks and forgot about this.

Around 2 weeks ago I started feeling very energetic. My energy was increasing, my thoughts were racing really fast, i couldn't concentrate, my hands were always shaking and my pulse was high. I started to speak so rapidly people couldn't understand. I was a way to happy for no reason and I was randomly laughing in class. I was running up and down the school stairs and everybody was telling me to calm down. I could sleep just for 3  hours a night and didn't feel tired.

My mom and my doctor think this is happening because of stress but i don't think they understood me completely.
I don't know how can I make them believe me. I am not trying to do self-diagnosis but even if i don't have bipolar disorder i heve a feeling something is wrong.

Also: sory for grammar mistakes, english is not my first language

Thanks to anyone who will help
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Well there is no doubt you experienced a disturbance to your mood.
I wouldn't totally disregard what they are saying because stress does play a part in it and being aware if how stress triggers you is important.  In fact, stressing over them not listening can lead you back into deep depression.  We can't change what others think but I can see that you have had a cycle of depression leading into an elevated mood.  That is a bipolar episode.
So now you have experienced that but I hope you can ride out the ride until it settles back down.  My main concern for you is that as you might be fighting to prove your episode is what it is you will give too much power to that reproving.  This,as I said earlier,can cause added stress.. leading to depression.
So what do you think?  Don't be afraid, please.  It may not be that you have to start being medicated or into treatment just yet.
The suicidal thoughts are cognitive and you are doing right by talking about them.  I want you to know that you are not alone. Many of us have dealt with them before.  I hope this day finds you with a clear mind.  How are you.
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Thank you for all support. I also think stress can trigger these mood swings but it is happening even if i am not under stress.
I wish i could say i'm okay but my grandma died a few days ago so i thing my mood will go down again after i stop feeling empty
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Not sure how old you are, if your in high school reach out to the school nurse and counselor both
If your of age... 18 or older,get to a psychiatrist
And let them help you... I’ll pray for you.
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I'm 16 so i guess I can ask our school psychologist and  counselor for help.
Thanks for supporting me
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No problem young man, your going to be fine.
I’m sorry to here about your grandmother.     There a couple apps out there,you can download and plug in your ear buds and learn how to mediate. Stress can be a huge trigger for us! Just remember and never ever forget get that you are a child of God and he loves more than you can possibly imagine.... I know it sounds   Mysterious  but it is true! He tells us to be  anxious in nothing...give it over to him and let him walk you through this
Apps are (head space) and (calm) try them for free
God bless you
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I was diagnosed with manic bipolar disorder 2 8 years ago. I have experienced the same symptoms over the years. The best thing to do is sell Professional help. I have a psychiatrist and a counselor to support me and my medications. Having bipolar disorder is not something you want to have and not have proper treatment. The medications they have for the treatment can help to bring you to a stable place where you can actually enjoy life.
Gift luck to you.
Thank you. I am meetig a psyhclologist next week so  I hope for the best
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