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Is Bipolar even a deficiency? I love mania and hypomania and do well. Anyone else?

Well.. I don’t consider myself bipolar- but a psychiatrist definitely would. I’m in mania or hypomania as a norm and its been like that my whole life and I'm 39 but look 25 because I’m so happy. I wouldn't want to be any other way. I think it’s better than being normal. Tonight is night 4 without sleep unless I can sleep. I never will take medication and I don't think its a problem, I think its a strength. I almost never get sad anymore and depression only happened once. I don't want to change and don’t think it’s a deficiency. Anyone else like that? I suspect (personal belief) that people that are 'bipolar' are the modern day shaman. I think that depression is caused by people hurting others for no gain which can happen in hypomania or mania easily since predicting such senseless stupidity is incredibly difficult.
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This is well documented.  Many with bipolar feel fantastic when manic. Invincible.  Powerful.  Energetic.  They feel great while driving everyone around the bonkers because they are so over the top and annoying in that state (keeping it real).  Most family of those with bipolar don't like the highs anymore than the lows.  It's also dangerous. This is when people take risks that are dangerous and often don't care well for themselves or others.  Depression is also dangerous. This is when suicide happens. Bipolar is a mental health condition that when someone is at either end of it, it is problematic for themselves and those in their life. That's why seeking the help of a psychiatrist to stay balanced in the middle is essential. And depression is not caused by harming others  It's again, a mental heath disorder caused by our body's chemistry.  Now, I AM glad you feel pretty good.  And I DO think people throw around the word bipolar to those who don't have it freely these days and that is unfortute.  And if your life is going very well for you and there is no reason to change, don't change.  good luck
I will prove it :) its not a disorder, people just need to learn to manage the lows and dont do everything they want in the highs. My friends like me when Im manic then I use that hightened sensitivty to create amazing things. I think we would be considered shaman, because I do feel like I want to help and heal people. By the way, any of the Psychiatrists I met, I wouldn't trust. I only met 5 but 3/5 were sociopaths and 1 was a psychopath. Of course they would want to drug happy people, because they can't feel happiness. good luck
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I really think its made up to make amazing gifted people feel deficient. I dont have a problem managing my moods. I dont understand this allusion towards a loss of control. I found ways to deal with it. This has 0ccurred throughout history then suddenly, its a disorder? I dont have a disorder and I'm extremelyy bipolar. I dont take medication. I just find ways to deal with it. We are using way more of our brain than 'normal' people. I think thats great. I love the feeling.
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some people benefit from mild mania. but many people have either extreme mania or severe depression (or both) and , for them, bipolar is a painful devastating condition.
I have extreme mania regularly, I use it to be creative. If some people are rude and don't like me when they see that side of me, then I dont want to be their friend. I got rid of those people in my life and have the few real friends that like me for who I am. It's much better. My mom is like this too. She taught me how to avoid depression. If I have sad feelings I  bawl my eyes out if I want to for as long as I need to, then I figure out what happened and learn to avoid that person or that experience or stick up for myself. My mom used to tell me that if I get too sad and feel helpless, pretend you're dying next week. It's a funny trick, but it helps me put events in perspective. One trick that helps me avoid depression is to talk to myself in the mirror if I am upset and tell myself its ok and I'm ok and just because I dont know what is happening, doesnt mean its not perfect. That helps alot. Physical pain helps too, minor physical pain of course. It helps me go into the moment.

I havent met bipolar people, but its hard to believe that we are so different. I hope not. I truly think its a gift. However, its important that people realize that sociopaths and psychopaths are the polar opposites and are extremely attracted to me in mania. They approach me regularly and I like and respect them. They dont bother me because I studied them and know how to deal with them and avoid being hurt by them. If someone doesnt know that people actually target people in mania to make them feel bad, its a problem.

I don't mean to be insensitive or downplay your suffering, and I hope that its not interpreted as that. If i believed that my gifts were curses that would be the most miserable life I could imagine, so Im letting you know to hopefully help.
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