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Is Clozapine a med for bipolar disorder,

A man I know is on Clozapine for his bipolar disorder.    His psychiatrist prescribed it.,  Recently he told me of as he explained it, his short term memory is getting really poor   This is terribly disturbing to him and me,
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So, it doesn't currently have that FDA indication but there are ongoing clinical trials that suggest it may work for Bipolar mania.  Does that answer your question?
Yes it answers  my question, Thanks
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How is your friend doing now?  Is the med working or do you feel it's not a great choice?
My  friend isn't doing that well these days.    He's recovering from a nasty fall that injured his left rotator cuff.   Tripped over his laundry basket.   Unrelated his primary doc told him his Topamax is  causing memory problems.   He's susceptible to migraine headaches.     His bipolar is doing okay.     Can't tell how much is because of the Clozapine.    Thanks for your concern specialmom,  May it be a blessed day for you.
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I have bipolar2 and I’ve been on clonazapan for about 2 years for anxiety, basically what it is for and sleep disorders. It does effect your memory but all bipolar meds seem to do that. Hope that helps
wanted to say thanks for your information.  How long have you been diagnosed with bipolar 2?
12 years
Are you bipolar Special mom? How long and which type?
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