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Just wanted to say

Since joining this community and reading many many posts I have come to see that hearing voices can be very common in BP. I had read about this happening but never thought it was really that normal. I started hearing voices when i was 17 and it lasted 2 yrs. I heard evil things. I would be happy when no one was home cause there was no way i could hurt anyone. I never ever told my psychiatrist. I was afraid of being skitzophrenic and being locked away. I always fought off the voices, Ignored them. Well they still come back every now and then usually when my mind is idle and im not doing anything which doesnt happen very often since i have a 15 month old daughter. I just wanted to say that it is good to know that I'm not alone. Not so scared anymore to tell my psychiatrist... or atleast a new on when i get one.
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I'm glad you've found the courage to post, it's a scary thing to acknowledge let alone post that you're hearing voices. Do you have a pdoc? It's really important that you see one, especially now that you've got a child. Having a parent who's got a mental illness that isn't treated can really harm a child, my mother has serious depression as well as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I was really messed up for years. Knowing you've got something going on is the first and biggest step, the next *gulp*, is getting the help.

Welcome aboard, know that someone here at some time is going through the same thing or has. Although there is no cure, with a community like this and people that are so kind,  it's easier to learn to live with it, it's made a world of difference to me, and I think at one point saved my life.

Thanks for posting, and hope to hear from you again and your progress,
Cheers LCC

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It wasn't until I came clean with my voices and and Paronia was my therapist and pdoc were able to understand me better and treat me accordingly. At the same time I went through a period of pure terror,,,,A betrayal of  of self. I felt so exposed and very unsafe.Today we have a temp. agreement that I am the only one who can bring it up. For now it's working even though I know it's a game. And so the work begins, but I would rather choose mental health than live so fragmented. I loose a lot of time or menory because I'm present at the time but later when I try to recall the experience it feels so far out of my reach.I experience this with all people. It's like I'm there but a part of me has gone into  hiding to be safe. Bob Segar...Turn the page. I love that song
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Hiding away to be safe.  Voices/noises only you can hear.  I congratulate you on finding us to talk to.  My problem is an actually ringing in my ears which changes, and is very annoying to me.  Has developed this year.  Usta hear orchestra music and realize no radio, just my mind composing music.  Usta bother me, now I miss the music.

Please feel free to contact me directly if I can help....
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You guys are the friendliest and nicest people i have met on the net. So warm and welcoming. I made a apt with a psychologist. So I can start talking to someone and working on some sort of treatment plan while im pregnant and DEFINITELY afterwards. My husband hates my irritability but he knows how to handle it. So I'm glad i have someone understanding and caring enough to stick by my side.  I actually cant wait to get on meds after my pregnancy. I hate feeling so unregulated and ugh!
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I wish you the very best.  I am a Mom of four who takes medication for psychotic depression.

We are all doing great, the whole family the kids and all.  We are a very stable balanced bunch.

If I didnt take the medication I would be only half functioning.  I always protected my kids, but medication makes it so much easier for me.

I have spent a lot on psychotherapy, and really I have tried every alternative remedy, I mean them all over many years.  I have to say they did not help at all.  But that is just my experience.

Good luck with the New baby.  My Dad had schizophrenia.  Parents with mental illness can do a really good job in my opinion.  Because they are more accepting of their children/do not expect them to be perfect.
That is what a child needs more than anything else <aceptance<
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