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Keeping Stable thru Music & Art

Do you utilize music & art as part of your tools to keep stable?
  I paint when the Bipolar starts cycling to stay out of stores & crazy projects.
   Do you get creative when managing Bipolar ?  Pamela
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I couldn't live without MUSIC!! It helps me to regroup, refresh, and refocus. I don't have an artistic bone in my body but I can draw one mean stick figure :)
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I cannot enjoy art or music when I am cycling....including looking art or hearing music. The only time I participate in art or music is when I have to during art or music therapy, when I am not really into it, but I will just play around with it and dabble since there are really no expectations for me other than the expectation to participate.

When I cycle, I prefer art, and the only art I like during that period is mix media. If I have to listen to music, it can't be music with lyrics, not even the sound of a voice, which is unusual for me, because I enjoy Gregorian chants and calls to prayer where there is little or no instrumental accompaniment.

When I go to performances or art exhibits, I end up leaving in 5 minutes, so I generally avoid them.. I guess my mind is either too fast and occupied or my concentration and focus is too poor during those times. Very sad, but true. I wish I could utilize them because would probably make my cycles more bearable and do me some good. When I am stable, that's when I can handle music and art.
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  I write poetry from time to time. I also do collage work that reflects what I am experiencing and then I bring it to my psychiatrist to discuss. This can be helpful for me. I listen to all kinds of music that generally reflects the mood I am in as long as it doesn't feed symptoms. when I am upset or distressed I listen to music that is calming.
  I go to art exhibits on a relatively regular basis and concerts from time to time. If I cannot focus because of mood swings or akathesia I take what I can from it. I had been homebound due to my physical disability for a while and now that treatment is working on that my psychiatrist wants me
to make more efforts to connect back with people.
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Music is a big part of my life. When I was younger, there was an old Irish ballad called the border widow that when I heard it played on the fiddle, no words mind you, I would cry. No reason that I could figure. I know my dad likes it when I play old tunes on the banjo in minor keys. They're kind of dreary and lonesome sounding.
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I can't live without music. When I am depressed I have to play house or so on my telephone to get my brain to gears to even get up. It works. Unless I got so deep that I just can't be bothered to move. In that case I need a quiet and my bed. But it is not very often.
I am creative but have no time to create. I used to do fashion shows - choreography etc. It was a massive task and I just loved to do it. Very creative as I had the opportunity to do it my way: theme, videos, music, lights ... everything. Funny thing is that it took me years to realize how good I was. I was like - uh ok fashion shows, pretty normal. Well not really.
At the moment I always do my sons birthday parties and his cake. So here was a cake as Lego yellow truck, and another one with Ninja jumping out from volcano etc. I tend to over do things so I have to cut off my million ideas.
I can do lot of things but when? I hardly manage work, my son, home and my condition. btw I was quite creative decorating my house for Christmas - I haven't finish yet! Love to do it. Hate Christmas but it is another story... Marie
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Sometimes if I'm not real stable on my medication I'll get ahead of myself.
  Oh, how cool to start beading again & making jewelry .
Then before I start that I'm like poly clay.. Yeah.
    Then go to store,silk flowers on sale == I love making arrangements. I get all the containers out & vases.
   Next thing you know,I'm tired. I've got a big mess, no one knows how to put away,including me.
    I hate this Bipolar Monster.
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Oh so it's not only me! Lol I am trying so hard to tackle my mess. It is just unbelievable how it always takes over my place lol. Also my son is 'helping' with his lego lol. Awful!
Visitors are coming tomorow - have to tidy up! But guess how long for will be the place tidy when they will bring their two little girls in? Lol No chance!
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I used to collect all the outstanding projects & junk out into a large dishpan & stash it in the oven.
  One time when my husband was coming home, he stopped for a frozen pizza. He came in & preheated the oven.  In just a few minutes the smell of melting plastic filled the cottage.
     So, you know, now I don't do that anymore. ( but I have  thin box I stash under the bed !   Pamela
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