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I am 50-year old woman with bipolar and personality disorders.  All antidepressants have stopped working.  I am on Prozac again right now.  The VA hospital won't let our mental health doctors perscribe Cymbalta.  Only our neurologists can perscribe it.  What do I do when Prozac stops working?  I've been in a depression for at least 6 months, and I'm scared.  I take the following meds for depression:  Prozac, Gababyntin, Trazadone.  I take a total of about 21 pills a day, including three I've mentioned above.  Can you give my doctor some suggestions?
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talk to your doc and he wont listen change docs.         are you in talk therapy as well? 21 meds are way too m any.I am bipol;ar and I ionly take 2 meds zyprexa for the manic and celexa for the depression and it has been great.It take a lot of meds before me and my doc found this combo but I have been on it for 7 years.Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.
Love Venora
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KelBentl6 is your moniker not your question. LOL. Isn't the modern med for that stuff Seroquel and Lexapro?
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50 pills a day doesnt sound very healthy to me.

What else do u consume other than these pills? Food-wise?
Paste your diet for a day or more to the forum.
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