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Literally scratching my head here...

So I have lived with bipolar disorder for a while. Before that I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression before that, so I’ve been dealing a lot with typical healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms. From biting my nails to cutting I’ve seen it all. Now recently I’ve been severely depressed. The depression and many of its resulting issues are being currently treated by my doctor, my medication, and my therapist. I am seeking help and have a great support system to fall back on, but I have an oddly specific question and don’t know where to go.

I started (about a month ago) scratching my head as an unconscious action, similar to the way people don’t realize they bite their nails. But it’s gotten to a point where my scalp is destroyed it’s covered in bumps that feel like pimples, the skin is uneven, itching and occasional pain, and there’s many patches of bloody scabs.

I am worried that this could be a bad habit and I want some advice on if I should see someone about this specific problem or any ways to break habits like this even if it doesn’t necessarily pose immediate health risks.

Thank you!
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Oh goodness, sorry to hear this.  I would definitely see a therapist.  Your description reminds me of my niece who pulls out her hair.  It's a compulsion.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/trichotillomania/symptoms-causes/syc-20355188

Are you sure this is not due to a medication or situation that is causing the itch?  I high light my hair and found a new place used color that aggravated my scalp.  The itch!  Went on for weeks after the hair appointment for three separate times before we changed the brand of color.  I know that scratching the scalp can damage the hair follicle and cause you not to grow hair well.  Not okay with me.  So, you want to make sure it's nothing like that.  

If it is trichotillomania, they often do habit reversal therapy and cognitive therapy.  I'd look into this.  
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You have a therapist.  That's who to tell so you can work on it.  All that stress and anxiety and medication may have led you to some OCD, don't worry about it, just talk to your therapist for help in stopping you from doing it.  If you can just stop, so so.  But if you are doing it to this extent, it's just another part of your disease, not a separate thing.  Peace.
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